Value creation is the basis of our prosperity.

It ensures the future viability of our society and the peaceful coexistence of humanity.
We should not treat this resource lightly.
In our own interest.

And yet, despite this insight, lots of value creation falls by the wayside every day in every company in the world. We have simply got used to the idea that the value creation balance is often very slender and one-sided and that, as a consequence, organizations collectively often create more epochal challenges than they solve.

This means that the question of what actually ensures value creation and what destroys it is more current than ever. 

It is time to work courageously at the causes instead of doctoring the symptoms. It is time to declare war against the unconsciously operating value creation killers— so that we can afford a multi-stakeholder approach which promotes prosperity.

Prosperity in the true sense of the word:
a state in which everyone can prosper.


In the following, you can find a brief overview of the current status of my research, summarized in 8 clear propositions.