Curious to find out what inspired me most in 2019? Then I invite you to take a closer look at the following #top5inspirations…

1. #organisations: OTTO Group

One of the rare examples of utmost sincere and profound cultural transformation – combined with a distinct willingness to share their learning journey with outsiders.

CEO Alexander Birken and Division Head Kulturwandel 4.0. Tobias Krüger have shared their insights this year in two wonderful interviews (in German):

 2. #people: Otto Scharmer

Otto Scharmer is best known for his highly acclaimed framework to think, create and lead from the future: Theory U. To bring his concept into action he co-founded in 2015 u.lab, a global co-learning movement with more than 140,000 users from 185 countries – free of charge.

This year he introduced Dialogues on Transforming Society & Self” (DoTS), an interactive online dialogue series.

My favorite: “Indigenous Wisdom and the Civilizational Shift from Ego to Eco” with Melanie Goodchild, member of the Anishinaabe tribe in Canada.

3. #books: “The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties” by Paul Collier

This book is the German Business Book Award winner of 2019.

It takes a fresh look at why we are facing social divides and an eroding political center. Paul Collier’s book is a passionate and also very personal plea for a new interpretation of capitalism which is based less on individualism but more on mutual obligations and a revived ethic of community. It dismisses both left and right wing ideologies and instead presents a vast array of pragmatic and thought provoking ideas.

After Fredric Laloux’s book “reinventing organizations” this is a powerful book on “reinventing societies”.

4. #music: “Human” by Emeli Sandé

Wonderful music. Powerful lyrics. See and hear for yourself.

5. #life in itself

Successes and failures… a lot of flow and some conflicts – each one of them an invitation for inner growth… the precious gift of many inspirational encounters (Zarah Bruhn, Klaus Eidenschink, Judith Muster, Wolfgang Looss, Nancy Nemes, Frederik Pferdt, Vera Schneevoigt, Barbara Hendricks to name but a few*)… some talking and a lot of listening… many questions and some answers… never ending opportunities to learn, learn & learn.

A big “thank you” to all who contributed to my personal learning journey in 2019.

* Apologies to all whom I didn’t mention in person. I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful encounters – too many as to mention all of them here. So please do feel inclucded!

And what were your inspirational highlights in 2019?