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“ING Netherlands is a good example of what is possible in a rather short time when all involved have a clear mutual goal.

Here a few milestones of that journey (and do check out the films below… they are definitely worth while watching!):

The financial institution ING was founded in 1991 by a merger between Nationale-Nederlanden and NMB Postbank Group. Focus during the first years lied on “migration” before “upgrade” (especially with regard to IT systems). After that, the focus moved to “less is more”: focusing on only a few products + getting rid of 200 processes within 2,5 years.

Then in November 2014 a new strategy was announced: omnichannel-presence + “let’s become digital”. One of the reasons behind the new digital focus was that customers were missing full transparency which meant that of all incoming calls (7.4 mill. p.a) 23% were status calls. Needless to say that “high cost” plus “low customer satisfaction” is an unsatisfying combination.

Spotify was included in ING’s learning journey – the first contact with the concept of agile coaches, tribe leaders and a new attitude that included “think big or go home”, “it depends” and GYSD (“get your shit done”).

In January 2015 ING started with developing the new organizational design for HQ. The first “tribe” was launched 6 months later. And less than 2 years after that the organization is ready to start rolling out their agile way of working on an international scale, claiming to be the first financial institution world wide becoming fully agile.”


This was ING NETHERLANDS first film when they introduced the new agile way of working to their headquarter in 2015


ING NETHERLANDS has started rolling out their agile way of working on an international scale as of late 2017